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Napa of Luxury
napa home!

A weekend in Napa Valley? Yeah, sure. Sounds great. The window shopping. The wine tastings. The horseback rides through the vineyards ... what's not to love?

Well, there's the exorbitant plane ticket. Not to mention the over-the-top hotel rates. And as if you have the time.

Thankfully, there's Napa Home. The new incarnation of the recently closed Austin favorite, which just opened in Highland Park, carries a stylish selection of books, home accessories, bath products, gifts, and tabletop items all picked by two ex-Californians.

And because you don't have to pay for a hotel room, you can splurge on items like a handblown Michael Ruh vase and Beth Weintraub botanical print. Or, if you're still trying to keep to a budget, pick up an Elizabeth W. sea salt-filled terry-cloth bath pouch or a Bret Bortner-designed double wall bowl.

It's the perfect way to experience the beauty of wine country without leaving home.

And no nasty hangover, either.

Napa Home, 4012 Oak Lawn Avenue, Highland Park (214-520-4880 or

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